The Holidays are here and so we begin Session #3

Session #3 2015

Thank you for your support of GTCO and its athletes. This is the busy season at GTCO, competitive teams are in full competition mode, and our classes are a popular winter activity. If you know you are going to miss a class it pays to schedule your make-up early, as make-up slots fill up fast. Unique to this session is the two week break over the Christmas and New Years Holidays. This year we will be closed from December 20th to January 2nd , these weeks are not figured into the session tuition, and thus there is no need to schedule make-ups for these weeks. So this session actually runs from November29 to February 6 with priority registration week being January 24 thru the 30th.

December 5th and 6th the GTCO Gymnastics Boosters will be hosting the annual Cartwheels and Pinwheels meet at the Dayton Convention Center. Everyone is invited to come see what Ohio Gymnastics is all about. Again this year a portion of the competition proceeds will be donate to Cancer Free Kids. GTCO hopes to ingrain a sense of community to our athletes and realizing their competition helps fund pediatric cancer research is a sense of pride for all the athletes competing that weekend. The full schedule of competition for the Volts Cheerleading squad and the boys and girls Competitive Gymnastics teams can be found on the respective pages of the website. You can also follow us on twitter, facebook or Instagram to stay current on the great things that are happening at GTCO.

As always you can contact us directly at, or phone 937.746.2213. To contact Allan directly to provide kudos to the staff, or any problems you encounter, use Again thank you for your support and we hope you have a wonderful session and Holiday season.