Newsletter Session 5 (2012-2013)

Welcome to Session 5

 updated 5/06/’13
Patience is a virtue……In today’s drive thru, 4G world, the gymnastics community is a bit of a dinosaur.  Our students and coaches realize first hand that more often than not, if it is worth doing it will take time and effort.  As we finish up our competitive season we see this first hand.  A GTCO alumnus, Sam Chamberlain, just finished third on Parallel Bars at the NCAA championships. His journey began sixteen years ago in one of our Pre-School classes.   Self doubt, injury, and frustration coupled with the thrill of learning and the pride of success is now setting him on another exciting career at the collegiate level.  We have multiple State Champions, Regional competitors, and in a few weeks two girls competing in the USAG Eastern level 9 nationals. (These girls also began in our Pre-School program, now Jungle Gym.)  These accomplishments do not come easy, all our competitive teams and coaches understand this, embrace it and look forward to that moment when it all blossoms.  As someone once said “Repetition, repetition, repetition, I repeat”, there is no shortcut to mastering and being successful in our business.   Hope springs eternal as we watch the plants come back to life each spring, and for us at GTCO this is when we see how well the hard work and effort pays off for our competitive teams, and Alumnus.The same patience and understanding needed to produce our team athletes is used in working with our class programs.  The staff gets the same thrill of teaching and the thrill of victory when successes happen, whether it is the Jungle Gym student walking a beam by himself, or the high level athlete “sticking” their dismount.  Patience and understanding the individual allow us to be successful on all levels, and appreciate the victories along the way.  We expect and demand a lot from our students, but we know often times you cannot rush the process, and in the end the rewards are all the more sweeter. Without pressure and time, there would be no diamonds. Some things you cannot rush and get the result you want.  Thank you for choosing GTCO; I know, in time, we will exceed your expectations.


CHEER….Saturday 1p to 2p @ the Cheer Center

 Cheer/gymnastics 7 and older…Sunday 7p to 8p

 Jungle Gym up to 7……… Monday 11a to 12:30p, Thursday 11a to 12:30p, Sunday 6p to 7p.


CLOSINGS: Monday, May 27.  All classes resume as scheduled on Tuesday, May 28. Happy Memorial Day!!!

Now Enrolling Call The Front Desk To Sign Up: 937-746-2213

All-Star Cheer Tryouts Are Coming (2013-2014)!

Missed our clinics and Tryouts?  Don’t worry, give us a call today (937.746.2213) or send us an email (!

AGE: 3.5 years old and up.  

CheerNastics Classes Are At Full Swing!

CheerNastics classes are designed to encompass all elements associated with cheerleading including tumbling.  Participants will learn and/or improve jumps, motions, flexibility and tumbling throughout the course of this 8-week class.  See below for class descriptions according to age.  CheerNastics for Session 5 begin the week of May 13th.

CheerNastics I –›

Age: This class is structured for students starting at 3 ½ up to 6 years old.  Open to the public.

Description: Students will learn all-star cheer and tumbling basics while keeping class fun and exciting. 

Skills Covered: Introduction to jumps, motions, dance and tumbling.  Participants will tumble for 20 minutes.  Tumbling: backbends, snap-down rebounds, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, handsprings, etc.

Schedule (@ The GTCO Cheer Center): Thursday 5:00p – 5:45p, Saturday 12:00p – 12:45p.This class is structured for students staring at 3 ½ up to 6 years old.  Open to the public.


CheerNastics II –›

Age: This class is structured for students ages 6 and up.  Open to the public.

Description: Students will be divided into age groups.  Then groups will be working on jumps, flexibility, motion sequences and tumbling (according to age).

Skills Covered:Jumps and combined jump sequences, motions and tumbling.  Participants will tumble for 30 minutes.  Runing tumbling: cartwheels, round-offs, handsprings, tucks, etc.  Standing tumbling: backbend, walkeovers, handsprings, tucks, etc.

Schedule (@ The GTCO Cheer Center): Thursday 5:00p – 6:00p, Saturday 12:00p – 1:00p.This class is structured for students staring at 3 ½ up to 6 years old.  Open to the public.


Open Cheer-Time @ The GTCO Cheer Center –›

Age: Open Cheer-Time is for ages 6 and up.  Open to the public.

Description: Students have the opportunity to work on jumps, chants, tumbling, flexibility, flyer body positions and stretching.  The GTCO Cheer Center will provide at least one staff member to help and assist participants with cheer related skills (this excludes spotting tumbling).

Schedule & Price:  Every Saturday from 1:00p – 2:00p.  $10 per student per visit.  ONLY $5 for students taking one or more CheerNastics classes.


Co-Ed Tumbling Program

Many try-outs are over and now the work begins.  GTCO’s six level tumbling system insures a steady, safe progression to the harder tumbling skills required by most of today’s cheerleading squads.  Regular stretching, strength and tumbling helps to reduce the risk of injury, and continue to build confidence within our tumblers. Just as year round tumbling is a necessity in today’s competitive environment, attending two classes a week will increase your confidence and speed up the learning process and skill acquisition.  Perhaps adding the back handspring, or back tuck only class will give you the confidence and focus needed to get to the next level.  GTCO is offering classes in both the main gym and the Cheer Center at 450 Conover.  The Cheer Center is equipped with both a spring floor, and the standard carpet bonded foam cheer floor without springs, as well as all the other training equipment.  If you or your squad is interested in tumbling at the Cheer Center contact the front desk to check availability.  .

            We realize not all tumblers are will use their skills for a cheer squad, or gymnastics program, so if you have a special request let your instructor know.  Extreme sports have crossed over and utilize many of the skills from tumbling and gymnastics.  If you are an Extreme Athlete, let us know, we would be excited to introduce some high flying aerial skills not traditionally seen in organized cheer or dance.


Our tumbling level system and the evaluations given during our sessions give a great sense of your child’s progress and the goals we have set for them at that particular level.   We have broken down our program into 4 different levels to increase learning efficiency.  Click here for class breakdown…

Class Times and Prices

Due to the effectiveness of our program our classes are continuing to fill up. For up to date  information on class times, pricing, and new / upcoming classes please call us at (937)746-2213 or email us at


Co-Ed Tumbling – Class by request… 

Did you know? If you have three-four friends that would like to sign up for a class together let us know and we can open a new class for you.

Bring as friend to tumbling class. Did you know you can bring a friend to try out our classes? Yes, simply call ahead and have them sign in as a trial class, make sure we have a signed waiver and information form from the trial students, and they can take the class with you. Better yet, if they sign up because you brought them in you will receive a $5.00 credit on your next session. There is no limit to how many friends you can have come in. The only limiting factor is spaces available in the class.


Don’t forget our independent study (Open Gym) times are Saturday from 1:00 to 2:00 at the Cheer Center, and Sunday from 7:00 to 8:00 at GTCO’s 500 Conover location.  Fee for the hour is $10.00, be sure to ask for the “loyalty card”.


GTCO Boys Team

OHIO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – 2013  – Held at Gahanna High School – March 23 –24
                                                    LEVEL 5 –  ALEX WELSH –   1ST  FX – V – PB
                                                                     HAYDEN GIBSON – 1ST – FX – V
                                                                    MITCHEL BRATE – 1ST  = PB
                                                                    JACKSON RIDDELL – 1ST – V
                                                                    LEVEL 5 TEAM – 3RD
                                                   LEVEL 7 – LUKE KNAPKE – 1ST – R – V
                                                                   HARRISON ABDARY – 1ST – FX – PB – HB
                                                                   LEVEL 7 TEAM – 2ND
                                                   13 STATE CHAMPIONS – 13 QUALIFIERS TO REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS
            6 REGION 5 CHAMPIONS  – LEVEL 5 – ALEX WELSH – 1ST – R
                                                        LEVEL 5 TEAM – 3RD – 8 YRS OLD
                                                                                    6TH – OVERALL
                                                        LEVEL 7 – COLLIN JASIN – 1ST –V
                                                                         LUKR KNAPKE – 1ST – FX
                                                                        HARRISON ANDARY  – 1ST – PB
                                                                        LEVEL 7 TEAM – 6TH OVERALL
                                                       LEVEL 9 – TOMMY LARSON – 1ST – FX – HB

GTCO Boys – Alumni News

 Sam Chamberlain – freshman gymnast at U. of Nebraska  – 3rd at NCAA Championships in Parallel Bars – All-American 2013
                                              Qualified for VISA National Championships held at Hartford, Connecticutt in August
                                              Voted Freshman Gymnast of the year at U of Nebraska
             Joe Chamberlain –  Graduating form Ohio State U in May – Club gymnast for OSU  as well as OSU club gymnastics  president.


Girls Gymnastics – Compulsory & X-Cell News


We are so proud of our compulsory teams! Now that the season is coming to an end , we are planning and training for our new season!

Our compulsory coaches will be traveling to the National Workshop to learn the new compulsory routines.  Due to this training, we will have no Compulsory or X-Cell practice from Tuesday, May 28 thru Tuesday, June 4.


The summer schedule will be coming out after our state meet.


Thanks for a great season! 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Enjoy the fall and don’t forget to “like” us on facebook for more immediate updates.


Program Director, Faye Campana



Girls Gymnastics – Optional Team

The last couple of months have been very busy for our optional teams. We have competed at the Arnold Classic, National Gymnastics Challenge in Georgia, Follow your Dreams in Columbus and all optional levels have had their state meets. Here are some highlights from our competitions.
Arnold Challenge, Columbus, Ohio
Level 7
Brooke T:  1st on Floor, 2nd on Bars and AA, 3rd on Beam.
Alexis W:  2nd on Beam, 3rd on Bars and AA.
Antonia R: 2nd on Vault
Serena F:  3rd on Beam
Jordan W: 3rd on Bars
A special congratulations to Alexis W for qualifying for event finals on Beam and Winning!!!
Level 8  2nd Place Team Award
Bailey T:  1st on Bars, 2nd on Vault
Kiley L:  1st on Vault
Lilly H:  1st on Beam
Chloe H  1st on Bars
Jenna D: 3rd on Beam
Level 9
Alyssa W:  2nd on Floor, 3rd on Bar and AA
Amanda T: 1st on Bars, Beam and AA, 2nd on Vault
State Meet Results
Level 7
Brooke T:  3rd on Beam
Alexis W:  3rd on Bars
Level 8
Brooke S:  1st on Vault
Level 9
Alyssa W:  3rd AA
Samantha J:  2nd on Beam, 3rd on Floor
Amanda T:  1st on Bars, Beam and AA, 2nd on Floor
Elizabeth V: 2nd on Floor, 3rd on Beam
A special congratulation to our:
2013 State Champions
Brooke S on Vault
Amanda T on Bars, Beam and AA
2013 Regional Qualifiers:
Level 8
Brooke S, Jenna D, Bailey T, Chloe H, Lilly H, and Lindsay T
Level 9
Alyssa W, Amanda T, Samantha J, and Elizabeth V
Level 10
Courtney M
Good luck to our girls as they prepare for their Regional Championships.
Missy Hart
GTCO Optional Team Director

Girls Educational Program

The Girls Educational Program is gearing up for another great session of fun! This session we are looking forwardsto NEW warm-up activities (like ZUMBA, Jump Rope, and Games), more challenging skills (like taking on the Vault Table), and the STAR CHART. This session we are also challenging  the students with more strenght activities as they continue to progress in skill level.

With all the wonderful accomplishments and hard work the girls have shown we have added a reward system. The STAR CHART is posted inside the double doors to the left and we are recording each new skill they accomplish. After they receive so many stars they are rewarded with a prize from Ms. Christa. The chart is filling up!

Wanting to show off your skills on the BIG STAGE? We are holding Open Team Try-Outs for those interested in our Competitive Program. Try-Outs are open to all students. We are currently looking for: Pre-Team, Level 3 Training Team, Level 3 Competitive Team and X-Cel Team.

Try-Outs along with an informational session will be held May 17th at 7pm. We will announce Team Placements May 19th.



JungleGym – 


JungleGym News
Summer Camp information:
Save the date!  We “SEA” that you are having so much fun in classes, so we are having a Pirate Themed Summer Camp!  Be on the “LOOKOUT” for all our little pirates walking the plank, diving for treasure and just plain having fun!  Save the date… you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!
When:  August 12-16  9am-12pm each day
Who:    All kids aged 3-12
Stop at the front desk for more information.
Team Tryouts
For those of you in Jaguars, Cheetahs, Topkats and preteam, we will be having open team tryouts on May 17th.  If you have an interest in competive gymnastics, this is the place to start.  We will be handing out information regarding tryouts during week 1 and 2 of session 5. 
Summer Schedule
As we get closer to summer, and you are considering what activities your child is going to participate in, gymnastics is a great opportunity.  We have a state of the art, air conditioned facility and a staff ready to help your child continue improving their skill level.  Our class schedule will remain very similar to what we offer right now.  We also offer a flex schedule where you can choose to attend 6, 7, or all 8 classes.  That way, you do not have to worry about scheduling a make up for vacations.  Continuing your gymnastics class through the summer will allow your child to maintain and improve skill level going into the fall season! 
Field Trips
Did you know that GTCO has a field trip program?  Ask your summer care providers to contact us and schedule a field trip today! 
Thanks so much for choosing GTCO’s Jungle Gym.
Missy Hart and Jenny Chilcutt
GTCO JungleGym Directors

Did You Know?

Did you know that FUN is the most important part of your child’s learning process? When classes are fun, children associate learning with fun. When children have a good foundation for learning, it has been proven that they are better students later in life. Our Jungle Gym gymnastics not only builds self-confidence, but also builds strong bodies and minds and keeps youngsters fit! The lesson plan for GTCO is set up in progressions and circuits so that the children learn sequences and repetitive gymnastics while having fun! Each station has a purpose and will progress into a real skill later on down the line. For example, when we work on donkey kicks we are really working towards a handstand and when we ‘jump’ over the banana box we are really working towards a cartwheel! An important thing to remember is that each child goes through the same stages of development but at different rates, so some children will progress faster than others. Be patient with your child—they will get it at their own pace. Having fun at the preschool age is the most important thing to teach and will help your child to develop a great foundation for learning! Thank you for being a part of our Jungle Gym program—we are proud of it and know your child will have FUN while learning gymnastics!!

GTCO always offers field trips to many organizations!
These field trips to our facility for an hour become extremely popular when school is out for the summer! We set up obstacle courses, swing on the rope and into the pit, have our inflatable up, and much more!! If you would like to book a field trip for one of your organizations, home school, boy/girl scouts, moms play group, or whatever just stop by the Front Desk or email and we will fix you up!!