Newsletter Session 6

Welcome To Summer…

an update from Mr. Powers, owner of GTCO:

I am currently in 40 degree Alaska, but it seems summer hit GTCO with a vengeance, 90.  Remember we are fully air conditioned and it has never rained in the gym in our 20 yrs. of business.  So on the rainy days, or preparing for those rainy days, keep us in mind.  On Tuesday we have Jungle Exploration for our 3 to 6 yr. olds, and on Sunday we have Study Hall for our students 6 and older.  These times are for independent work on perfecting skills or simply doing a fun skill you like.  It is supervised, not instructed, and students should not try new skills.

Prepare for fall now, easy to say from here in Denali where there is a “nice breeze” as they say.  GYMKIDZ is a three hour program that runs Monday Wednesday and/or Friday.  It is all the fun and learning that every Preschool should be.   Susan Garland and Missy Hart provide fun and challenging activities for the body and mind of our Pre-K students.  Jungle gym will be hosting the Crazy carnival Camp in August, always a good time and a chance for your child to meet a few more of our excellent instructors.  And it is never too early to start planning for that next big tumbling run and cheer try-outs.  We have classes for the individual or whole squad.  Contact the front desk for information on whole squad floor time; we work hard to keep our pricing the most attractive in the area.

With so much to do summer will once again fly by.  Enjoy your summer and plan for fall now see Dona, Tami or Susie at the front desk to insure your child continues to learn and progress to their fullest capability.


cheer logoGTCO Cheer & Hip-Hopcheer logo

Missed our cheer and dance tryouts? No problem!

Victor Zamora Cheer Program Director

GTCO offers all-star cheer and hip-hop teams for all ages, starting at 4 years old.  To get more information and details please contact Victor, Program Director, at 937.660.8307 or send an email to Additionally, you can also visit our website at

Teams are for boys and girls, starting at the age of 4.  We have traveling and non-traveling teams.

GTCO…where we perform, compete and grow together.




Sammy Chamberlain competed at the JO Nationals in Long Beach, California on May 5-8, 2011.  Sammy is a 16-18 yr old Level 10 gymnast.  He competed in the second day competition in Parallel Bars  and just missed making finals by a couple tenths.  Congratulations to Sammy.

The year-end picnic/awards party will be held at the Franklin Community Park with festivities starting at 6:30 pm and swimming from 8-10 pm at the park pool.   All team members are invited to attend.

The summer boy’s practice schedule starts June 20 (Monday).  Please check the bulletin board for details or the copy you have received.

Sammy Chamberlain has qualified for the Region 5 Training Camp at the University of Michigan June 27 – July 1.

If you are interested in competitive gymnastics, please contact Don Sellman – Boy’s Team Director

Girls Gymnastics

—————-Optional Team Girls——————

I would like to again congratulate our State Champions and Regional Qualifiers:

Amanda Talbot – Level 8 State Bar Champion
Makenzie Grilliot – Level 8 State Beam Champion

Level 9 Regional Qualifier
Emily Bliss

Level 8 Regional Qualifiers
Amanda Talbot
Alyssa Wiedeman
Madison England
Makenzie Grilliot
Molly Chamberlain

We had a great finish to our 2011 season and we are so excited about he upcoming summer training and preparing for the 2012 Season.  Our girls are motivated and really working hard so that we can continue to improve and show the gymnastics world what we are made of!  We as a staff are very proud and thankful for the fantastic group of girls that we are blessed to work with.  A big thanks to all our families that trust us to teach their children.

The summer schedule begins Monday June 20 and runs through Saturday August 20.

Monday    3-7pm
Tuesday   8-12
Thursday   9-1
Friday       10-2
Saturday   7:30-11:30

Have a great summer!
The GTCO Optional Staff

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
Missy Hart
Optional Team Director

For details on our meet results and for our competitive schedule, please visit our website at


—————-Compulsory Team Girls——————

Compulsory Summer Schedule
Starts Monday, June 20th

Compulsory Summer Schedule

Level 4

Monday:  10:00-1:00

Wednesday:  12:00-3:00

Thursday:  12:00-3:00

(9 hours with the option at add Friday:  8:00-10:00 for 11 hours)


Level 5

Monday:  9:00-1:00

Wednesday:  12:00-4:00

Thursday:  12:00-4:00

Friday:  8:00-10:00

(12 hours with the option to add Friday for 14 hours)


Level 6

Monday:  9:00-1:00

Wednesday:  12:00-4:00

Thursday:  12:00-4:00

Friday:  10:00-2:00

(16 hours)



Monday:  5:00-8:00

Thursday:  5:00-8:00

(6 hours)


Remember to pack a healthy snack and some water to drink for the summer practices.

If you have any questions please call Faye at 937-746-2213. You can also email Faye at if you have any questions concerning our workout or meet schedule.

Level 4 Season

What a fantastic Level 4 season.  I would like at this time to thank all the gymnast for their hard work and the parents for all their support.  Our Level 4 team won 5 out of 9 meets and one of those being session winners.  We had a Beam State Champion…Alexis Wynn and two Ohio All-Around Champions…Brooke Tibbits and Jordan Wolfenbarger.  All gymnast gave 100% and made their coaches very proud.  Looking forward to seeing what the 2011/12 season holds.

Keep up the hard work and point those toes…Coach Peggy

State Championship dinner in Columbus, Ohio.

From Left to Right is Level 4 State Champions Jordan Wolfenbarger and Brooke Tibbits, and Level 6 State Champion Katie Rogers, .


In the news

Alicia Fitton, Alexis Wynn, and Alyssa Wiedeman recently represented GTCO at the two day Zone 3 Elite Clinic in Columbus, Ohio. Following the clinic Alicia and Alexis competed in the first T.O.P.s testing of the season. The girls are working very hard with hopes to qualify to T.O.P.s Nationals in Texas. We wish all of our GTCO T.O.P.s competitor’s good luck this season.

What is TOPs?

Amibeth Hardy TOPS and Hope Director

T.O.P.s is a great way to improve your daughter’s gymnastics skills by working strength and flexibility. T.O.P.s (Talent Opportunity Program) is a competitive talent search and educational program for gymnasts ages 7-10. Girls compete in June and July of each year for the chance to compete in Houston, Texas at T.O.P.s Nationals. Girls compete doing handstand holding, press handstands, rope climb, sprinting, vertical jump, leg lifts, cast handstands, splits, and bridges. Training T.O.P.s is a great way to increase strength and flexibility along with improving body awareness which leads to advances in actual gymnastics skills. Currently GTCO offers T.O.P.s Monday’s 1:00 – 3:00 Thursday’s 7:00 – 9:00am and Friday’s 8:00 – 10:00am.

GTCO also has Tiny T.O.P.s; an introduction to T.O.P.s for gymnasts age 4, 5, and 6. This class is on Tuesday’s from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. If your daughter is younger than or meets the age requirements for this program and you are interested please contact Coach Amibeth at


Welcome to Session 6 at GTCO – Lots of fun planned for our summer session!!

Welcome to Session 6 of our Jungle Gym program!! We are so excited to introduce our animal themed movement education program to our students!! Our goal is to make fitness and gymnastics more fun than ever! Our age groups have become more ability oriented rather than chronologically oriented! Fitness made fun is a concept we have always sought to instill in our students so no matter what activity they gravitate towards as they grow older, exercise and moving will always be a part of their life! Read our new brochure—if you have any questions, please feel free to ask your instructor or myself! Thanks for joining us!! Beth Cox, Jungle Gym Program Director


Happy Father’s Day! – It’s a special week for all of our dad’s!! All dad’s are invited to gymnastics class with their child this week…come into class and spend some special time with your child as we work on our gymnastic skills and focus on RUNNING!!


GTCO will be closed MONDAY, July 4th! We will be working on our numbers and letters of the alphabet as we do our gymnastic circuits! Students will enjoy all the fun activities while learning how ‘donkey kicks’ become handstands that become cartwheels!!

Wear red, white and blue this week and receive a special surprise!!


MONKEY MADNESS will hit the Jungle Gym Classes this week! How big of a monkey are YOU!

We will focus on our glide swings, rope swings and more!! Our inflatable will be up this week!!


Hula, Hula, Hula, this week during Luau Week! Hula hoop contests, the limbo and more as we work hard on our front roll and back rolls!


Crazy Hat Week!! Wear your favorite hat this week to class! We will be using innovative ways with our hats to learn special tricks!


Bring your beach towel as we celebrate summer fun and the beach! Lots of beach balls and beach activities! Kids love this week! We will introduce different gymnastic positions and how to properly perform them (tucks, straddles, pikes, etc.). Don’t forget your beach towel !!


BUG WEEK at Jungle GYM! We will be squishing, jumping, throwing, and hiding from our silly bugs this week!! This is also Picture/Video Week—parents are invited into the gym to take pictures up close!! Reminder Tuition for Fall, Session 1 is due!!

Our inflatable will be up this week!


Join us at the Carnival this week as we celebrate Back-to-school week and get a sneak preview of what our Crazy Carnival Camp will be like next week!!! Loads of fun and games for everyone! We will also be reviewing all the skills we have learned this session and passing out certificates !!

Did You Know?

Did you know that FUN is the most important part of your child’s learning process? When classes are fun, children associate learning with fun. When children have a good foundation for learning, it has been proven that they are better students later in life. Our Jungle Gym gymnastics not only builds self-confidence, but also builds strong bodies and minds and keeps youngsters fit! The lesson plan for GTCO is set up in progressions and circuits so that the children learn sequences and repetitive gymnastics while having fun! Each station has a purpose and will progress into a real skill later on down the line. For example, when we work on donkey kicks we are really working towards a handstand and when we ‘jump’ over the banana box we are really working towards a cartwheel! An important thing to remember is that each child goes through the same stages of development but at different rates, so some children will progress faster than others. Be patient with your child—they will get it at their own pace. Having fun at the preschool age is the most important thing to teach and will help your child to develop a great foundation for learning! Thank you for being a part of our Jungle Gym program—we are proud of it and know your child will have FUN while learning gymnastics!!

GTCO To Go…..!! Did you know Gymnastics Training Center offers GTCO To Go to our surrounding daycares and preschool organizations?! We bring our
child-size gymnastics equipment and the best instructors in the area to YOUR facility for some giant size fun! The sport of gymnastics is our base and from there we challenge the students physically and mentally. Our program works hand/eye coordination, large muscle skills, and balance and coordination activities. A mix of gymnastics equipment and physical education tools gives the children a head start on the physical requirements needed for grade school. We have conducted classes at Day Academy, Bright Beginnings, and Minds in Motion. The program allows preschools and daycares an active and exciting enrichment class for the children! Everyone involved: kids, parents, teachers, and owners have been thrilled with this service. If you know of someone who has little ones in preschool or daycares and would like to offer this enrichment class to their students, please have them give us a call!
GTCO always offers fields trips to many organizations!
These field trips to our facility for an hour become extremely popular when school is out for the summer! We set up obstacle courses, swing on the rope and into the pit, have our inflatable up, and much more!! If you would like to book a field trip for one of your organizations, home school, boy/girl scouts, moms play group, or whatever just stop by the Front Desk or email and we will fix you up!!

Tumbling Has Many Benefits…

The art of tumbling is a unique and fascinating undertaking. It is used in a wide variety of sports such as, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, diving, and many other extreme sports. It is something that is thrilling to watch; and while executing these skills it gives off a feeling of excitement unlike anything else!

We have been very successful in helping our students learn and acquire specific strength, flexibility, and air awareness that is crucial to executing clean, consistent, and SAFE tumbling. We take into account the goals of our students and help them achieve the tumbling required for their specific sport. To be a successful tumbler, proper and SAFE technique must be taught in a positive environment.

Too many times kids are rushed and not given enough time to perfect the skills leading to mental blocks and injuries. You cannot expect a kid to be a competitive athlete at any sport practicing once a week. In order to become a success, your child must love tumbling and the time spent perfecting it. Multiple sessions throughout the week whether through our classes, clinics, private lessons, or open gym will provide a fresh understanding of the skills being mastered and more enjoyment doing it. Take advantage of all we have to offer! For a list of our tumbling services please visit our website