Newsletter Session 5

Welcome back to session 5


 Thank you again for choosing GTCO. Spring has sprung and we are all excited and invigorated for the learning and growing ahead of us.  This spring and summer will be filled with excitement as we move towards the Summer Olympics in London.  Closer to home, GTCO will be fine tuning its programs to meet the challenges of busy schedules and increasing enrollments.  Our Tumbling program will see more classifications for more clarification in skill level of our students within classes, and our Teams and Jungle Gym program will be making changes that come about due to the Olympic cycles, Cheer will be looking for new choreography for the latest and greatest in competition.  Be sure and check the website often for the latest news on classes, camps, GTCO on the road, and coming soon, maybe even a BACKHANDSPRING GAURANTEE.   If you cannot find your answers on the site please call our front desk at 937-746-2213, or email   The GTCO staff takes great pride in their work and we look forward to exceeding your expectations. 

Co-Ed Tumbling Program (new enhancements)

As the spring and summer progresses our Tumbling program will be growing to 5 distinct levels.  Each class within these levels will have clearly defined skill levels and goals.  We will be phasing this in over the next couple of sessions and hope that it will not cause anyone too much trouble as we work to make our program even more effective by structuring the groups to clearly defined goals and skill sets.  Along with this change we hope to institute a Backhand spring guarantee.  I have such confidence in our staff; I have formulated a basic premise for guaranteeing a Backhand spring.  More to come later, check the website and front desk for the latest updates.

Spring and summer are traditionally smaller class sizes and a great time to use that energy of making the squad, to take two classes a week.  The added tumbling time is really amazing how it aids in the learning of tumbling skills.  So for a great way to get the jump on the competition, look into tumbling twice a week.

Lindsay will be taking a lead role in the tumbling class structure and times, so feel free to contact Lindsay with any questions or comments.  Reach him after class, leave a message at the front desk or email  Thanks again for choosing GTCO tumbling and we look forward to great successes in our Tumbling Program.


Girls Educational

Welcome back, we look forward to more fun and learning as the spring commences.  Our educational class is designed for those who enjoy the sport, but may not be interested in competing.  If you are interested in moving into the competitive program let coach Jenny, or coach Allan know and they can provide more information and options for you.  Steve will be off this session, but Jenny and Allan will pick up the classes, and Mid-May we will begin working Alayna into the Program.  Alayna was one of our level nine gymnasts who moved on to Northern Illinois University, and will be returning to Wright State to finish her education degree.  Thank you for choosing our educational program whether for fun fitness, training for your school program, or moving to the GTCO competitive team someday, we hope to provide a positive experience and exceed your expectations throughout the session.


All-Star Cheerleading  2012-2013 – We are about to start!

It is not too late to register…it all begins Sunday, April 29th.  We are currently accepting enrollment for anyone as young as 3.5 years old up to 18 years old.  Our four-week athlete evaluation is open to the public.  Below please find our practice schedule.  Visit our website for more details: or give us a call at 937.746.2213.


Practice Schedule (age 4 – 5):

1) Sunday:  Check-in = 1:00pm | Practice 1:15-2:15pm.
2) Thursday: 5:45 – 6:45pm.
Practice Schedule (age 6 – 8):
1) Sunday:  Check-in = 3:30pm | Practice 3:45-5:15pm.
2) Thursday: 6:30 – 8:00pm.
Practice Schedule (age 9 – 18):
1) Sunday:  Check-in = 1:45pm | Practice 2:00-4:00pm.
2) Tuesday: 6:00 – 8:00pm.


Don’t forget our Open Gym sessions:

Open gym tuesday 12-130 for 16months & up $10/child

Open gym sundays 7-8 for 7yrs & up $10/child


Co-Ed tumbling….

Did you know? If you have three-four friends that would like to sign up for a class together let us know and we can open a new class for you.

Bring as friend to tumbling class. Did you know you can bring a friend to try out our classes?  Yes, simply call ahead and have them sign in as a trial class, make sure we have a signed waiver and information form from the trial students, and they can take the class with you.   Better yet, if they sign up because you brought them in you will receive a $5.00 credit on your next session.  There is no limit to how many friends you can have come in.  The only limiting factor is spaces available in the class.   Remember, if you are looking to learn something special let your instructor know so they can work it into our “typical” rotation.  Happy Holidays and thank you for choosing GTCO to give your performance that little extra that will put you over the top.



Ohio State meet – Lancaster, Ohio – March 31-April 1, 2012

Level 10 – Michael Pretorius – qualified to Region 5 Championships

Level  9  –  Craig Jasin – qualified to Region 5 Championships

Level 7   –  Michael Quick – 2nd AA  – 2nd PH –  3rd R. – 3rd HB


Quallified to Region 5 Championships

Conner Iverson – 1st R  – State Champion

Qualified to Region 5 Championships

Luke Knapke – 2nd  V

Qualified to Region 5 Championships

Collin Jasin – 5th V

Level 7 team – 2nd in state

Level 6 – Harrison Andary – 3rd AA – 1st R – State Champion – 1st V – State Champion


Qualified to Region 5 Champioship

Tommy Stone – 4th AA – 1st PB State Champion – 3rd HB

Also competing were Gabe Rine & Parker Comer

Level 6 team – 5th in state

Level 5 – Evan Poplin – 9th FX – 10th V – 8th HB

Garrett Underwood – 9th FX – 8th PH

Mathew Quick – 9th AA – 10th FX – 7th PH – 7th PB

Hayden Gibson – 5th FX – 5th V


Region 5 Championships – Western Michigan Uiniversity – April 14-15

Level 10 – Thommy Pretorius

Level 9 – Craig Jasin

Level 7 – Michael Quick – 13th AA – 9th FX

Conner Iverson – 16th AA – 11th R

Luke Knapke – 3rd V

Level 6 –  Harrison Andary – 15th AA – 3rd PB – 8th HB

Tommy Stone


Those wishing to become a GTCO team member, please see Don Sellman – boy’s team director.



 Girls Gymnastics

—————-Optional Team Girls——————

With our season coming to a close, I would like to recognize our girls for a job well done!  All of our optional girls qualified and competed at the State Championships.  Below are a few of the highlights:
Level 7s:
Alicia F:  9.3 on bars – 3rd place and 36.15 AA
Antonia R:  35.075 AA, and achieved her first 9s on bars (9.025) and beam (9.075).
Emma K:  Received her first 9 on beam with a 9.1
Level 8s:
Maggie H:  2nd on bars with a 9.15, 3rd on beam with a 9.2 and 2nd AA with a 36.025
Sam J:  3rd on vault with a 9.1
Bailey T:  9.2 on beam which is a personal best
I would also like to congratulate Maggie H, Sam J, Bailey T and Lexi W for qualifying to Level 8 Regional Championships to be held on April 27-29 in Illinois.  Awesome job girls!!
Level 9s
Elizabeth V is the State Champion on Floor!
Alyssa W had the meet of her life matching or improving personal bests on each of the events, finishing in 5th AA with a 36.975
Both of these talented level 9s also qualified to compete at the Level 9 Regional Championships to be held on April 13-15 in Indianapolis.
Good luck to all our Regional Qualifiers.  We know you will do an awesome job representing GTCO!!
As our teams continue to finish their season, we begin looking forward to the summer and training new skills.  The girls love this time of year and enjoy trying new things.  Our goal is to build on the success we had this year and continuing that into the next competitive season.  To add even more motivation and excitement, we also have the Olympics to look forward to.  Seeing the Olympic team succeed in London will add a new level of motivation and we cannot wait!  Please check back often for updates on our girls competing regionals.
Missy Hart
Optional Team Director

—————-Compulsory Team Girls——————

Congratulations to the compulsory teams on a great season. We will now  be training upgrade skills for next season.  We are planning the summer schedule which will begin on Monday, June 18 th. The final schedule will be handed out next month.
Pre-team and team tryouts are around the corner, additional information pertaining to these tryouts will be published at a later date.



What is TOPs?

TOPs is a great way to improve your daughter’s gymnastics skills by working strength and flexibility. T.O.P.s (Talent Opportunity Program) is a competitive talent search and educational program for gymnasts ages 7-10. Girls compete in June and July of each year for the chance to compete in Houston, Texas at T.O.P.s Nationals. Girls compete doing handstand holding, press handstands, rope climb, sprinting, vertical jump, leg lifts, cast handstands, splits, and bridges. Training T.O.P.s is a great way to increase strength and flexibility along with improving body awareness which leads to advances in actual gymnastics skills. Currently GTCO offers T.O.P.s Wednesday’s 4:30-7:30 and Saturday 12:00-3:00.

GTCO also has Tiny T.O.P.s; an introduction to T.O.P.s for gymnasts age 4, 5, and 6. This class is on Thursday’s from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. If your daughter is younger than or meets the age requirements for this program and you are interested please contact us!



Welcome to Session 5!!

It will be another fun filled session for our Jungle gym students.  Climbing, rolling, jumping and testing their limits in a challenging and changing class each week.  We will continue to focus on the ABC’s, Agility, Balance, Confidence and Control.  The Jungle Gym program is unequalled in its ability to positively impact the progress, mentally and physically, of its participants.  Check out our bulletin boards for more information in the positive links of physical challenges and cognitive abilities.  But do not tell our kids this; they just know it is a great time and a whole lot of fun.  Don’t forget, for some self-directed fun bring your children to our Jungle explorations on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 1:30.  For only $10.00 they have an hour and a half of self-directed and supervised gym time, as well as a light snack and drink.  Be sure to check out our summer camp for a full week of fun to end the summer.

As we move forward into the new Olympic quadrennial, we will be adjusting some of our programs and allowing those inclined towards competitive team to move at an earlier age. This will impact mostly our “cats” program and will allow us to continue the successes we have in our competitive program.  Same great fun, and challenges, simply and effort to stay in line with USA Gymnastics and introduce competition to those who may be ready at an earlier age.  The Jungle Gym will also be working to fill Beth’s position.  We have been fortunate to have her directing the program but she will be leaving April 26th.  We thank her for her time and efforts and wish her the best as she moves forward. As we search for a new director the current staff will tackle the job as a team effort.  The front desk staff, Jenny, Missy or Allan will gladly answer your questions in regards to the program and where your child would be best served.

Thank you for entrusting your child to us at GTCO and the Jungle Gym program.  Our staff eagerly awaits each class and the thrill of learning we see in our students on a weekly basis.


Did You Know?

Did you know that FUN is the most important part of your child’s learning process? When classes are fun, children associate learning with fun. When children have a good foundation for learning, it has been proven that they are better students later in life. Our Jungle Gym gymnastics not only builds self-confidence, but also builds strong bodies and minds and keeps youngsters fit! The lesson plan for GTCO is set up in progressions and circuits so that the children learn sequences and repetitive gymnastics while having fun! Each station has a purpose and will progress into a real skill later on down the line. For example, when we work on donkey kicks we are really working towards a handstand and when we ‘jump’ over the banana box we are really working towards a cartwheel! An important thing to remember is that each child goes through the same stages of development but at different rates, so some children will progress faster than others. Be patient with your child—they will get it at their own pace. Having fun at the preschool age is the most important thing to teach and will help your child to develop a great foundation for learning! Thank you for being a part of our Jungle Gym program—we are proud of it and know your child will have FUN while learning gymnastics!!

GTCO always offers fields trips to many organizations!
These field trips to our facility for an hour become extremely popular when school is out for the summer! We set up obstacle courses, swing on the rope and into the pit, have our inflatable up, and much more!! If you would like to book a field trip for one of your organizations, home school, boy/girl scouts, moms play group, or whatever just stop by the Front Desk or email and we will fix you up!!