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Team Practice

Our coaches have a passion for the sport and the girls respond. The more they ask of them, the better they do. The girls work hard and the rewards are many. Life has many lessons to teach. One of the lessons we like to teach is that hard work pays off. As we look forward to the 2014-2015 season we are excited about our future and the continued success of our team program. Teaching in a fun, positive environment allows our athletes to know not only competitive success, but the personal gratification of a job well done.

Team Levels
The GTCO team program begins at  Pre-Team and continues through level 10, including the X-Cel Team. Team members compete at USAG sanctioned local, state, regional and national competitions.

Team Practices
Team practices are scheduled by the Director of the program. Currently our team members practice the following hours:



Fall Schedule

Begins August 7, 2017


Level 3- 5:00-8:00

Level 4-4:15-8:15

Level 6-10- 4:15-8:15


Level 2- 5:00-8:00

Level 6-10- 4:15-8:15


Level 3-5:00-8:00

Level 4-4:15-8:15


Level 2-5:00-8:00

Level 6-10-4:15-8:15


*Level 2-5:00-7:00* (EXTRA PRACTICE)

Level 3-5:00-8:00

Level 4-4:15-8:15

Level 6-10-4:15-7:15


Level 6-10-8:00-1:00

Beam 2
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