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X-Cel Team

GTCO’s X-Cel Gymnastics Team



The Girls are working hard and doing great!!!
We have posted a few clips of our Platinum and Diamond girls working on their new skills (giants, releases and dismounts). Click the link below to watch!!!
The X-Cel Team is looking GREAT! We are starting to put together our routines on each event! The girls have learned a tremendous about of skills over the summer including layouts and twisting on floor, giants, pirouettes, and release's on bars, flips on vault and flight series on beam! We couldn't be more proud of their hard work!!


Our new team members have done a FANTASTIC JOB as well! They are starting to learn their first floor routines! Always an exciting time for both the gymnast and the coaches!! They are vaulting over the table, jumping to the high bar, and learning flips on floor!


We are proud of all the hard work they have accomplished this summer and we are looking forward to a great season!


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Fall Practice Schedule


XCel - Silver/Gold


Tuesday, Thursday 5pm - 8pm




XCel Platinum/Diamond


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4:15pm - 8:15pm


The X-Cel Team is an alternative gymnastics program for those who love gymnastics but want a limited time commitment, a competitive gymnastics experience, and desire the challenge of optional routines and competition. Routines are developed on each event (vault, bars, beam and floor) and routines are modified as new skills are achieved. Gymnasts who participate in X-Cel do not need to have any prior experience in USAG gymnastics.

The goal of GTCO’s X-Cel program is to develop a well-rounded athlete who is strong, confident, and a leader. We train each gymnast to meet their needs and to help them meet the needs of their team.


Background of our Program

We started the X-Cel program in 2010 to meet the needs for a few of our gymnasts and the program has blossomed. We currently have all Competitive levels of X-Cel: Bronze (Girls Educational Program), Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.


X-Cel Levels


X-Cel is broken into five levels and it is up to the coach to determine the level your gymnast will train. This is based on skills level, commitment, and overall work ethic.


  1. Bronze-this is the beginner level for those who have little or no experience in competitive gymnastics. The Bronze level is based upon USAG levels 2-3 and requires a fewer number of skills. Currently gymnasts who train at this level are part of our Girls Educational Program. Bronze is currently a non-competitive level.

  2. Silver-This is the beginner/intermediate level for those with a basic level of skill and knowledge. The Silver level is based upon the USAG levels 3-5. This is the first level of competition.

  3. Gold-This is the intermediate level for those with a larger set of skills to build routines from. The Gold level is based upon USAG levels 4-5.

  4. Platinum-This is the intermediate/advanced level for those with a high number of skills and skill difficulty. This is based upon USAG levels 6-7 or High School Gymnastics.

**If a gymnast has previously competed in Level 7 they must go to this level.

  1. Diamond- This the advanced level for those who are training the highest number of skills. This is based upon the USAG level 7-9.

For more information on the X-Cel program please visit the USA Gymnastics Website at: www.usagym.org

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