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Volts - FAQ



What are boosters?? Booster fees are those payments which cover most expenses related to cheerleading, with the exception of gym fees. Examples of these expenses are competition entry fees, camps, coaches travel expenses, uniforms, shoes, practice uniforms, goody bags, gifts, booster administration/membership fees, and other items related to cheerleading. These payments are made directly to GTCO Volts Cheerleading, Inc. These fees are tax deductible because they are considered donations to our tax-exempt non-profit organization.

What are gym fees?Gym fees are paid directly to the gym for the use of the GTCO facilities and the coaches’ salaries. These are monthly payments determined by GTCO. These payments are not tax deductible, and will be paid directly to GTCO versus the boosters organization. 

How do I apply for boosters organization membership? You must obtain a membership application and responsible party agreement from one of the executive members or Nikki, head coach. For your convenience, a copy of this application and agreement have been attached. You must completely fill out the application and sign the responsible party agreement and remit initial booster membership payment of $60 per athlete. This payment goes towards the overall administration of the non-profit organization for things like government filings, tax return preparation and the like. Return the application with payment to any executive member or Nikki. Checks can be made payable to: GTCO Volts Cheerleading. 

How will Nationals payments be made? New this year! There will be no undisclosed information about Nationals. We will be holding a cheerleading competition Sunday, October 31st at Centerville High School to pay fees for Nationals. Everyone is required to participate. Profits will be put toward the entry fees and hotel expenses for each cheerleader. Any additional profits will be equally distributed. This excludes Tiny Sparks

What if I do not want to participate in fundraising? If you choose to pay for all of your expenses without fundraising, you will still fill out the application and responsible party agreement and indicate that you are a Non-fundraising Member. You will determine the frequency of payments and will be excluded from fundraising activities. Your donation will still be tax-deductible. You will have to pay for Nationals. You will not be required to work the Centerville competition and will not receive benefit from the proceeds of that fundraiser or others that are held throughout the year. 

What is the executive committee’s commitment on fiduciary responsibility? The executive committee is committed to the highest levels of responsibility and ethics concerning the handling of our non-profit organization’s funds. For this reason, we will be submitting to the government and sharing with members our 3-year budget, a sample of which is attached. While formulating this at the beginning of the year takes some time, you can rest assured that you will receive a copy within the next month or two. Secondly, the structure of the committee itself provides many checks and balances when it comes to the handling, receipt and disbursement of funds. Different executive committee receive funds, make deposits, write checks and track expenses on paper and electronically. As a result, most transactions have at least two to three people reviewing them and weighing in on them at all times. In the spirit of upfront communication and transparency, the committee has worked hand-in-hand with GTCO staff to make an honest estimate of all expenses (less gym fees) associated with participating on each given team for this season. These expense estimates have been broken out in a number of ways to allow you to estimate the expenses associated with your individual situation (i.e. new cheerleader vs. returning cheerleader, Tiny vs. Youth, girl vs. boy). These estimates will allow you to see your expenses upfront, anticipate them and plan accordingly. Should actual costs vary from estimates (which can happen), those variances will be communicated as soon as possible.

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